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Food Plots: Why Pay for Fertilizer? (688)

Many food plot farmers are starting to plan warm season crops and checking out fertilizer prices. Recent headlines show that fertilizer prices are up about 80% or more from last year. Growing food plots need not be expensive. In this video, see easy techniques that can help avoid or significantly reduce the need to purchase lime or fertilizer and save time. The Release Process – as in Releasing Creation’s potential. Before plows, bison and other critters tramped vegetation or fire reduced vegetation on the great prairie. This became fertilizer for the next crop to feed critters and provide cover. If your food plot program is based on synthetic fertilizer, it’s very important to have the soil tested and apply the appropriate amount of fertilizer. If you like this information, please like this video and subscribe to our channel. If you really like it, please share it with a friend. @GrowingDeerTV
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