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For The Love Of The Land: Conserving our Land Through Education and Open Minds

This week we presented a special presentation at the Missouri State Quail Forever Meeting. This presentation was built to reach folks interested in what hunters do with open arms. As hunters, we have much more in common with others than what we think. We review in full detail presentation during this week’s podcast. It’s our duty to reach new folks!

The natural world is incredibly diverse and connected from insects all the way up to mature trees. Topics like pollination, photosynthesis, grasses, shrubs, soil, root system, air quality, and animals are all things that hunters and land lovers should all be concerned about. We can find common ground with anyone on these topics. As we move forward in discussing what we do, share the complexity of nature and how hunters and land managers are working to preserve that.

We hope you will enjoy the conversation and join us in sharing sound information with people interested in the outdoors. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

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