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For The Love Of The Land: It’s Not Just A Wetland

Often times wetlands get a bad name for wasted space or unusable acres. This cannot be farther from the true. In today’s podcast, we are joined by Brian Towe to discuss the role and management of our wetlands. Wetlands are dynamic and support thousands of critters with a home. They are vital to the health of our land and should be respected for that!

Wetlands often are put down for their “fowl” smell, yet we forget that they are a filter system producing quality water resources for our streams and underground aquifers. We have wetlands to thank for slowing down the flow of water and removing the bad containments from continuing downstream. In addition, they support a whole host of vital life forms from waterfowl species, neotropical birds, crustaceans, amphibians, shrubs, sedges, and the list goes on!

To get the most out of wetlands they should be actively managed to control water levels and vegetation responses to support a wide variety of organisms. We call this type of management “moist soil management”. With the proper water control structures, you can create, improve, enhance, and construct some incredibly diverse wetland communities. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand


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