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Forage Quality & Deer Health: Exciting New Research (642)

Quality native forage not only provides food and cover for critters but it can also provide some great hunting opportunities! this video we dive in a little deeper into how native habitat impacts white-tailed deer. Why? Because many deer and turkey hunters hunt in areas where there are closed canopy forests. Without sunlight reaching the forest floor, there's not a lot of food or cover for many wildlife species. High quality habitat provides great cover, nesting areas, and food for wild turkey. See how umbrella habitat is great for young poults and fawns. See how smilax, giant ragweed, common ragweed, and other natives provide nutritious forage for whitetails. Deer are selective feeders. They will choose th best food and get a balanced diet from the native forage when available. Mark Turner, a previous volunteer/intern is now in his Ph.D research. He shares his research project and what they hope to learn from it. He is look at how land cover and forage availability across 45 properties in 26 states influence deer antler size and deer body weights. Land managers and deer hunters will be able to apply his research to wherever they hunt. #deer. #TeamOutdoors


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