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Getting REAL Value from your Recreational Land

On this podcast, Matt interviews returning guest Todd Watts to share in detail the transition of The Hogan property to new owners. It is not uncommon to have many listeners call in to ask questions regarding recreational land real estate questions. Since Todd was the owner of a stellar property in Ohio that just went through real estate transaction process it was only fitting to bring him back on the podcast to discuss getting the most out of the recreational land you own. This property was on the market for two weeks, showed once, and received a full price offer. This is the type of real estate success we want to share with you. 

With any type of real estate, every buyer wants a deal and every seller wants to get the most out of there property. In this podcast, we share with you how to setup a recreational property to make it stand out when it hits the market. There are key features that these type properties need to have, while some less valuable features can be forgotten. It is important to offer a wide range of recreational opportunities, show before and after photos, and market the features of the property better than anyone else. If you want to truly increase the value of rural land, you have to create opportunities that buyers have never seen before. World-class habitat and property layout makes buyers not want to walk away. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

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