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Habitat Hero’s: How to Boost Quail Numbers

This week we sit back down with Frank Longcarich at the Missouri State Quail Forever Meeting. As usual, we get talking bobwhite quail and the conversation is off to the races. Frank covers many of the common questions quail enthusiast ask.

In the podcast, we cover topics like dormant season discing, prescribed fire and predators. Predators play a large role in quail numbers, but as Frank can attest too, quality habitat must be in place prior to managing various predators on the landscape. Not all predator management entails removing predators, so management can simply include proper habitat manipulation to discourage the landscape from promoting certain predator species. Like any discussion of predators, it is very dynamic and situationally based, but this makes for great conversation and discussion on managing the native landscape.

We hope you enjoy this quail podcast as much we did! If you have any questions regarding quail management questions feel free to reach out at Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

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