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Habitat Podcast #147 – Lowell Larson – Planting Nuts Large Scale using The Squirrel, Wood Lot Replanting, New Product, Nut Planting Conditions, Acorns, Chestnuts, Cypress, Plumb Trees, Stratification & 10% off Code

Habitat Podcast #147 – Lowell Larson joins Jared and Brian to catch up!  Lowell was first on episode 53.  Lowell is a class act and has invented a very neat planting device.  We cover:

Planting Nuts Large Scale using The Squirrel and The Squirrel 1.5,

Wood Lot Replanting – Prior to Timber Harvest,

New Product – Squirrel 1.5

Nut Planting Conditions – When is the best time to plant Acorns, Chestnuts, Cypress, Plumb Trees, etc,

Stratification of Acorns – Tips and Tricks,

Acorn Float Test,

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