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Habitat Podcast #150 – Jeff Danker – 4 Drop Tine Buck & Jeff’s KS Farm Habitat Setup

EPISODE #150!!! Thank you to all of the listeners, partners, and guests of the Habitat Podcast. We have a special episode for you to hear today. We have Jeff Danker from BuckVentures. You have seen Jeff on Major League Bowhunter in the past as well. He is a really nice guy, a great hunter and habitat manager, and a man of God. We have an awesome conversation where we cover: Introduction on Jeff, What was the deer hunting like in Oklahoma growing up compared to how it is now? How did Jeff get into the outdoor space, hunting, etc. What is Jeff’s approach to setting up a habitat plan on his property(s)? The Mousetrap – Where Jeff’s habitat work put the Flyer Buck withing bow range. What habitat improvements work in Jeff’s part of the country as opposed to what may be the standard in the Midwest? Favorite Tree & more!


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