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Habitat Podcast #166 – Al James – Soil Health Series Part #2 – Improving Soil Naturally, Sandy Loam, Clay, Cattle Pasture Improvements, Herbicide Costs & Weed Suppression

Habitat Podcast #166 – Al Tomechko joins Jared Van Hees on the Soil Health series podcast #2. This is a great informative discussion so get ready to take notes! It is time to think about saving costs on fertilizer and herbicide while having a much better output from our ground. This is part 2 of a multiple-part series. We cover:

Questions about what to plant where to improve soil conditions naturally.

Glyphosate costs and weed suppression,

What does best in my soil type and why?

What are the most common misconceptions that don’t improve soil?

How to correct each soil type naturally?

Scenarios – How to correct each soil type naturally, and what does best in this soil type?

Say you have all Alabama burnt up clay

100% Pure Michigan sandy loam

Very compacted soil type on a pasture in Southern Ohio

Rocky Missouri type???

Brix reading,

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