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Habitat Podcast #170 – Phil Lincoln – Habitat Consultant & Mock Scrape Success

Habitat Podcast #170 – Phil Lincoln is BACK. Phil was on an earlier episode a while back, EPISODE 36- LISTEN HERE. He is now on again with Brian Halbleib and Jared Van Hees. We have a great chat catching up, and we discuss habitat for over an hour. We cover some very interesting topics such as: HP Land Manager Team – Phil is an integral member Mock Scrapes – We go into detail here! Some of my favorite discussions are on How To Make Mock Scrapes, Property in 2 States – Phil owns in Indiana and Illinois. We discuss his plan for both but more on the new IL farm. He wants to grow a giant. Habitat Outlook – We break down how Phil handles a habitat consult and helps our HP Land Plan clients with their goals. Big Buck Mouse Traps – We get into how Phil sets up these hunting scenarios and can pinch a buck down into shooting range with certain habitat improvements.


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