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Habitat Podcast #178 – David Gage #2 – Big Bucks & Living Soil, Maximizing Seed & Fertilizer Costs, Nutrient Density & Antler Development & Maximizing Microbiology to Unlock Genetic Potential in a Deer Herd

David Gage is back for round #2! This is part 2 of a 2 part podcast. Episode #177 was part #1. We are switching gears into Living Soil and helping listeners get the most for their money! We cover:

Personal Farming and Soil Health,

Soil health in general

Benefits of multi cropping vs mono culture,

Living soil and habitat – how they relate,

Water retention flood and drought protection.

Dollars and Sense,

Maximizing synthetics and seed cost.


Nutrient density and palatability.

Nutrient density and gestation does/fawn success.

Nutrient Density Antler Development.

Maximizing microbiology to unlock genetic potential within a deer herd 

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