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Habitat Podcast #34 – Jim Brauker – Hinge Cutting 101, Three Types of Hinge Cuts, Popular Misconceptions, Hinge Cut Safety, Felling Trees, Avoiding Barber Chairs, Strategy w/ Hunting Hinge Cut Areas, Extreme Deer Habitat Book, Pressured Deer Properties

Habitat Podcast #34 – Jim Brauker

We have EXTREME DEER HABITAT’s Dr. Jim Brauker.  The Hinge Cutting Guru in the Habitat Industry in my opinion.  We cover all things hinging.  

Hinge Cutting 101 & How to Hinge Cut Trees for Wildlife Habitat Improvement

3 Types Of Cuts – Bedding, Barrier and Transitional

Hinge Cut Misconceptions – Why they don’t work

Safety and How To Properly Hinge & Fell Trees which we all should know

How to Avoid Barber Chairs and Dangerous Situations

How to incorporate your hunting strategy w/ Hunting Hinge Cut Areas.

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Extreme Deer Habitat and Jim’s book!

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