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Habitat Podcast #37 – Mark Drury – Whitetail Habitat & Food Plot Architecture

Drury Outdoors – Mark Drury joins Jared & Brian this week on the Habitat Podcast.

We Cover:

Farm Giveaway & Deercast App Updates 

How Mark started managing habitat with rental equipment 20+ years ago

Devising a plan using maps / topography first, then observing miles around for cover, travel ways, bedding and food location

Compare maps to footwork from scouting next

Crop rotation affecting habitat setup and plans

Weather affecting habitat & hunting plans

Avoiding soil erosion with No-till

Funneling Deer Movement – Using Gates / Fences / Crop Manipulation and TSI to direct deer by your stand

Food is most vital to the DOD Team

Detailed Food Plot setup

Access to Plot and Stand

Wind Scouting for Plot and Stand Locations

Where to place stand and blind on your food plot

Rain and browse/mast changing property plans annually

Setting up a farm for early season, rut, late season – while continuously adjusting strategy

Grain vs Green field size and shape

Note taking & data studying Mark style with use of trail cams

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