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Habitat Podcast #39 – Jordan Hanks – Shed Hunting, Why, Habitat To Search In, Gear, Scouting, Record Books, Using The Weather & Terrain, Collectors & Selling Sheds, Patterning Bucks & Putting The Story Together

Habitat Podcast #39 – Jordan Hanks from IL joins Jared Van Hees on the podcast.  Jordan is a renowned deer hunter and even better shed hunter.  We have a fun time catching up and discussing:

Shed Hunting – What is it 

Shed Hunting Clubs

Why Do Deer Shed Their Antlers

Why Do People Shed Hunt

What Habitat To Search In

What Gear To Bring Shed Hunting

Scouting While You Are Shed Hunting

Shed Record Books,

When Searching, Using The Weather & Terrain To Help

Collectors & Selling Sheds

Patterning Bucks & Putting The Story Together

Jordan can be found at OUTDOOR DEVOTION on the site or Facebook Page.

More episodes can be found at


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