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Habitat Podcast #78 – Tom James 2 – Small Property Tips, Spring Habitat Projects, Managing Clover, Big Buck Mystique, Transplanting Cedars, Adding Thermal Cover & Finding Your Missing Habitat Component

Habitat Podcast #78 – Tom James is on again!  He joins Jared and Brian for another awesome conversation.  Tom is from Indiana, owns a small farm and is a Whitetail nut like the rest of us.  We cover:

Small Property Tips & Tricks – What Tom has learned managing small properties.

Current Spring Habitat Projects – Prescribed Fire, Seeding, Timber Work.

Managing Clover & Chicory – How Tom takes care of his clover plots.

Big Buck Mystique & Knowledge – How they watch us as hunters.

Transplanting Cedars & Adding Thermal Cover to your property.

Getting You Own Bare Root Trees & Taking Care of them.

Understanding past hunts and moving stands.

Recognizing Your Missing Habitat Component and Filling That Hole.

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