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Hinge Cutting vs. Clear Cutting

Time to end the glory days of hinge cutting. This technique has been glamorized and praised for many years now. However, does it deserve the glory it gets? After several years does a hinge cut create the opportunities as a clear cut would? During this podcast, we stack these two techniques up side by side and give you the cold hard facts, pros, and cons for each practice.

It is time to think critically about the techniques we choose to manage the landscape. We have to forget the short term or the “quick fix” mentality and think what does this look like down the road? If we continue not thinking forward our forests will continue to degrade. Hinge cutting is like doing the job halfway and getting only half the results. Why would that be your go-to technique when it could be perfected even more?

We hope you truly consider this information is presented on this podcast and share it with others who can learn from it. Land & Legacy is dedicated to presenting and utilizing the best practices on each property we visit and touch. Join us in the fight! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand


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