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Hog Hunting : Spot and Stalk at Night (685)

Using the spot and stalk technique is one of our favorite ways to chase critters. Getting the wind in your face and quietly working toward prey is how effective predators hunt and it provides many great hunting lessons. This would be our first hunt with the Burris thermal. Last spring, we had tested the handheld while hunting in south Florida. It was a lot of fun seeing all the critters that were moving at night. The Thermal is a great way to expand the opportunities to hunt hogs and predators! When hunting with a Thermal, it’s important to know how to identify critters. Remember, that you’re seeing heat that is being released by the body and it can look very different than seeing an animal during daylight. Our strategy was to use the Thermal to spot a hog and then plan an effective stalk. Hogs have a great sense of smell and the key to getting within range is insuring the wind is in the hunter’s favor. Get your GrowingDeerTV merchandise here, Watch more hog hunting videos here, Getting ready for spring turkey hunting? Watch turkey hunts here, #hoghunting #TeamOutdoors


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