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How Bucks Shed Their Antlers (681)

See the how, and the why, of bucks shedding their antlers. Then tips where to find shed antlers and how finding antlers can be the first step in developing a plan to an effective future hunting strategy for next deer season. Across much of the whitetails’ range, bucks will begin casting or shedding their antlers during the next few weeks, if they haven’t already. Searching for antlers laying on the ground is wonderful way to enjoy creation but it’s also a great time to scout and use the information you find to better understand the health of the local herd and deer movement in the area. In addition to this, where you find sheds can also indicate travel corridors and bottlenecks that may have been overlooked while scouting in the past. Mark where you find sign on a map and take notes of where you find sheds and use that information not only find more sheds this winter but to plan an effective future hunting strategy. Watch this video for more tips on shed hunting and the biological reasons bucks shed their antlers. #deerhunting #deerbiology #TeamOutdoors


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