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How Does DEER GRO Work?!? | The Science Behind Plot Start & Plot Boost

Owner of Deer Gro, Steven Smith, explains the science behind their two products, Plot Start and Plot Boost. Applying large quantities of lime and fertilizer to food plots can be troublesome, and typically only address a handful of the 16 essential nutrients that are needed for all plant life to grow and thrive. Plot start and Plot Boost help enhance the micronutrients in the soil so that plants have access to those 16 essential nutrients. Leading to increased productivity, drought, disease and browse resistance of the plants! Also, more nutrient dense forages for deer and other wildlife! ** PRODUCTS & GEAR WE TRUST ** Deer Gro – LaCrosse Boots – Buck Knives – Yeti Coolers – Sitka Gear – Reconyx Cameras – Whitetail Institute Seed – **OUR CAMERA GEAR SETUP** Nikon z7 Body – Nikon 24-70 F2.8 Lens – DJI Ronin S – Go Pro HERO 7 – DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone – **CHESTNUT HILL OUTDOORS PRODUCTS ** Chestnut Hill Outdoors – Dunstan Chestnut –
Deer Magnet Persimmon (Late Drop) –
Deer Candy Persimmon (Early Drop) –
Pink Lady Apple –


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