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How To Bowhunt The Buck Signing Phase

The buck signing phases begins a week to 10 days before the Pre Rut begins and features an explosion of rubs and scrapes. However, this is an important time to exercise a huge amount of patience, instead of practicing aggressive bowhunting practices. When large amounts of sign begins to pop in the whitetails woods, the Pre Rut is only 7-10 days away. Even tho so much sign is being displayed by local, core mature buck monsters, the bucks leaving sign are not cruising between bedding areas yet. Your best morning bedding rut cruising stands should not be used yet. Waiting to bowhunt your best morning buck cruising stands will pay off big time just around the corner. While your morning stands should be saved for the Pre Rut, the signing phase is a great time to hunt cold front evening stands relating to food source movements. To check out the HuntCast whitetail weather prediction app that I personally helped to develop for your buck signing phase success, please visit: To learn how to get the most out of your deer land when the annual signing phase rolls around1, please visit my latest web class at:


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