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How to Create and Hunt Pinch Points

When it comes to choosing hunting locations, no matter the habitat type, pinch points are key to seeing bucks within range. These tactics will work on private or public land! Watch this video on how to create and hunt pinch points! The tips shown for hunting pinch points can be applied to hunting private or public land.

This Kansas hunting location is 165 acres that has the largest block of cover for white-tails in the area. The objective for this property is to create bottlenecks or pinch points so that deer can be patterned for better hunting opportunities/getting deer within bow range.

In this video: pinch points or bottlenecks as a strategy for hunting white-tailed deer, TSI, deer trails, native browse and cover, prescribed fire, ponds, deer scrapes, stand placement, bow hunting locations, designing food plot locations to enhance hunting opportunities and more! Each property and hunting location is unique – but the principles applied here can be used to make each property the best it can be!

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