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How to Decide Which Stand to Hunt

There are many questions that run through your mind as a hunter each fall. Some of the most common include, which stand should I hunt? How do you determine which conditions the stand should be hunted with? Often times you can find yourself second-guessing every decision you seem to make when you enter the woods. This is a two-part podcast. The first part we break down for you is our pre-hunt conversation as we weigh out the pros and cons of each stand option for the daily conditions. The second part is the post-hunt interview where we bring you up to speed on the evening’s events or lack of events. The purpose of this podcast is to let you hear our conversations and thought-process before we make our climb into a tree.

Every time you sit in the stand you should learn. Take something away from that hunt that is beneficial for the next time you enter the woods. Be sure when you make your decisions on where to hunt you take into consideration the daily conditions, time of the year, bedding cover, and preferred food resource this time of the year. Don’t fall into the trap of over-thinking this though! Avoid analysis paralysis and get in the woods. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

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