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How To Hang A Morning Rut Treestand

Hanging a post daybreak rut cruising stand setup takes more than knowing how to hang a treestand correctly. Elevation change, when to access and where to blow your scent all determine exactly when to get into the treestand location and how long that you can hunt there. This treestand location on our new farm will be an incredible stand location that allows us to hunt a unique timeframe for rut cruising monsters. Does your rut stand location need a make over? Then you need to apply these strategies so that you can not only learn how to set up a stand location, but so that you can learn how to practice the incredible strategy of creating a post daybreak, whitetail rut cruising stand location. To setup one if these Family Traditions treestands yourself, give Jack Turner the owner a call, at (517) 543-3926. Make sure that your treestands are in the right location by signing up for my web class, "How To Design Your Whitetail Parcel" at:


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