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How To Hunt The Whitetail Rut – Right Now!

The annual whitetail rut is made up of at least 6 defined rut hunting phases that you can learn about, take advantage of and HUNT. This is an abbreviated summary of how to hunt the annual whitetail rut through all phases of the rut, each and every deer season. For further info about how to hunt the annual whitetail rut, please check out RutCast that I developed at Huntwise, or my very own web class, "How To Hunt The Annual Whitetail Rut". Learn how to hunt all 6 phases of the rut in my latest Rut Hunting web class, "How To Hunt The Rut". Check it out here: Make sure that you are following RutCast and my proven, weather based hunt predictions when you end out to hunt the Annual Whitetail Rut. Check out HuntCast, at:


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