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How to Prevent Erosion (687)

Past actions, including inappropriate logging techniques, can affect timber value and soil quality. See several great illustrations about erosion and the importance of soil health with tips on how to prevent erosion as well as how to repair and properly create roads. Check out for more information: Video with ideas on managing volunteer pines, Research on soil health and the food we eat, See more details on how to make a road that will limit erosion, When we toured the west end of Jay and Jenny’s property, it was almost like we stepped into the southwest United States. Much of this area was bare. The soil had not been protected by vegetation – either on top of the soil nor roots beneath to help hold soil in place. This bare soil, especially the top few inches, has been baked crispy by the sun, causing it be void of soil life – microbes, earthworms, etc. Our management practices for producing timber, crops, meat, or wildlife need to focus on producing and protecting healthy soil. That’s what The Release Process does. It’s simple techniques that releases the soil’s potential to provide all the nutrients plants and animals need and produces clean water and air while insuring there’s no erosion. @GrowingDeerTV
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