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How to Save Food Plots from Summer Browse for Hunting Later in the Fall (Step by Step Guide)

Step by Step guide to protecting new food plots for hunting during the fall with a Hot Zone Deer exclosure. This is a solar-powered two-layer electric fence that excludes deer from quality forage. We put this fence in a food plot to exclude deer from browsing on some recently planted Eagle Seed forage soybeans. Some folks ask why plant a food plot and then keep deer from feeding on a portion of it. The answer is simple. This technique creates great hunting opportunities. Deer are often very comfortable feeding in a small-sized plot. If the forage planted in the plot is very palatable to deer, they can limit its production or even consume all the forage before hunting season. Protecting some or all of the forage in the plot from deer browse until you want to hunt that area is a great way to create a bottleneck and stand or blind location. This technique works on 5 or 5,000 acres and is an easy way to pattern deer for trail cameras and/or hunting! #deerhunting #foodplots Video Chapters
start 0:00
Site Selection 0:13
The Food Plot 0:56
Hunting Fenced Plots 1:18
Step by Step Guide 2:02
Why This Field 2:30
Hints/Tips 3:29
Installation 4:14
Power 6:40 This was originally shared in this full length episode: Hooyman describes this fence and it's benefits: "Manage your browse pressure on your food plots, ensuring maximum plot success. Heavy browse pressure can cause poor plot production or even failure. Protect your investment of time, money, and hard work with the solar powered, fiberglass and electric wire Hot Zone fence that keeps deer out of your plot until you are ready to let them in. The system is easily set up and easily deactivated to allow deer to feed."


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