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How To Scout Summer Bucks 4 Fall

Scouting fall bucks patterns during the Summer can not only be accomplished at a high level, but can be completed FAST – even on new ground! Summer buck patterns can be highly deceiving if you are placing your trail cameras on traditional Summer buck hangouts. Why? Because that is typically not where bucks are attracted during the Fall. Effective Summer scouting for the oldest bucks in the neighborhood revolve around where you expect bucks to travel during the Fall, in locations that you can actually hunt. It is time for your Summer scouting activities to revolve around potential Fall hunting patterns, which can be nearly the opposite of Summer buck movements. Here is how to not only speed scout Fall buck movements during the Summer, but where to scout during the Summer, for Fall buck movements… Would you like to create highly defined Fall buck movements? Then make sure to check out my web classes for designing your whitetail parcel –


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