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How to Shrink a Deer’s Home Range

Trying to keep a mature deer on your farm for as many days as possible is a goal many hunters try to obtain. Others wish to lower the amount of deer they find dead from “winter kill” or from predators. Landowners also find themselves in a stand still and what else to do to improve their farm. All these scenarios or problems can be solved with the technique we call “fragmenting the farm.”

We we start out looking over an aerial image we try to coordinate different habitat features or plant communities and look at their arrangement on the land. So many times we will find vast acres of one habitat feature. That could be large amounts of mature timber or overgrazed pasture with no shrubs around. There are many types of food resources and types of cover that deer and many other game species use in a year that it’s easy to overlook some of them. We take a look at a simple technique to add diversity to your farm. 

Fragmenting your farm will add more year round benefits to create a property that provides benefits from January to December for not just deer but small game too! Our goal at Land & Legacy is to make your farm better than you found it and by fragmenting the habitat features you will create a landscape conducive of growing plenty of game and a healthy ecosystem. #ForLoveoftheLand

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