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Hunting the Pre-Rut: A Strategy That Worked (#579)

Understanding the deer needs and where the resources are at the time you are hunting are key to putting a tag on a deer in the pre-rut! Watch these hunts where Grant and Daniel get hit list bucks cruising by the stands and the strategy that lead to tagging a deer. Scout for those resources and knowing the terrain can be key to tagging bucks or does! Grant is hunting a food plot specifically designed to take advantage of a travel corridor between food and bedding! This hunt was successful, resulting in fresh venison because of our hunting strategy. During this time of year in most parts of the whitetails range deer are genetically programmed to seek foods that are high in energy, high in carbohydrates. Carbs help deer store a lot of fat which can be necessary for them to survive the winter. If you hunt in timber country that has a lot of oaks, deer are seeking acorns. We have multiple stands here on the Proving Grounds, we chose that stand based on conditions. The wind was appropriate for us to approach this stand without alerting deer. The desired food source, acorns, was on one slope, the bedding area on the other – and they were able to get in the stand that was right in the middle.


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