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Ideas On How To Improve This Deer Hunting Property: A Relatively Straightforward Plan (Uncut, Raw)

An uncut version of advice presented to a hunter on how to improve his property for better deer and turkey hunting. Lots of details for habitat improvements with considerations for deer movement, wind direction etc. on the placement of food plots and treestands: timber stand improvement, food plot locations, different habitat types (cover, timber, food), travel corridors, better native browse, creating bottlenecks and pinch points, water sources, access and an analysis of neighboring properties. Listen in as Grant advises these hunters how to improve their hunting property for better deer hunting. The offline capabilities of the OnX Hunt map allowed Grant to discuss this habitat management and hunting improvement plan after a long day of working in the field. (Note: This was a meeting PRE-COVID-19 precautions….now we take a sack lunch made at home and stay in the fresh air, 6 feet away from each other!) Listen in as Grant explains the habitat and hunting plan he designed. At we’re all about showing hunters what we are doing each week in the field as we work on our Proving Grounds and others to have better deer hunting! If The hunting strategies and techniques we show can be used if you are hunting public or private land. Our farm has wild, free-ranging deer. If we can grow big antlers on these tough Ozark Mountain bucks, you can too! Good wildlife management tactics, deer management, and food plots with regenerative ag techniques that build better soils! Watch our weekly episodes to see what we’re doing, the advice that Dr. Grant Woods (Ph.D Wildlife Biologist) has to share along the way. #DeerHunting #TeamOutdoors


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