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Ideas to Improve A Georgia Property for Better Deer Hunting: (Uncut, Raw)

Grant gives advice to a Georgia deer hunter on how to improve his hunting property. Grant considers the local timber, hardwoods vs. pine, food plot locations, neighboring properties, water sources, etc.
#deerhunting #TeamOutdoors This hunting area has mature trees; relatively flat, topo lines are really far apart here. Deer home ranges vary a lot but let’s just say on average they’re about a mile, that’s just an average. There’s no major food for a mile in any direction. If he adds quality food to his property the deer in the surrounding areas whose home ranges overlap with the property, well, they’re going to find that food and they’re going to want to spend more time here.
Whether you’re planting food plots, sitting in the tree stand, or just enjoying a walk outside, I hope you take time every day to slow down and enjoy Creation. But more importantly, I hope you seek the Creator and find the purpose He has for your life.


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