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Iowa Big Buck Land Management

As most hunters are making their way to the woods to hunt and enjoy a season they’ve looked forward to all year, Adam and Kyle are doing things a little different. They’re headed to Iowa to assist a landowner with his habitat management plan. This involves everything from prairie restoration, timber management, and food plots. This is right in the mecca of big buck tv in southern Iowa, what do you think is the biggest limiting factor with the habitat and needs of the deer? 

This podcast Adam and Kyle discuss the importance in understand the species present on your property and how to manage them. Whether it’s keeping the pastures in pasture and the wildlife area in native beneficial species, this property has all the bells and whistles. From cattle, to crops, to large tracts of timber, this Iowa farm is a beautiful place that we can all learn from. One things for sure about this podcast, you’ll learn techniques that aren’t being endorsed or sold by all the shows trying to improve the habitat is this part of the state. 

It begs the question, if giant deer are already being grown in southern Iowa, but the habitat is poor, just how big would the deer get it actual habitat management was implemented? We’ll have to follow along with the progress of this farm to see how quickly we can tip the scales and start managing the farm with a lasting impression. #ForLoveoftheLand 

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