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Kansas Deer Hunting & Land Management with Kyle Hedges

Kyle Hedges and Frank Loncarich joined the Land & Legacy team to extend the knowledge and information our company can provide. Both with a long history in land management, they’ve brought lots of information to this platform, but they’re also passionate deer hunters. Kyle Hedges joins us this week to discuss his long history of managing his family farm in southeast Kansas. We’re going back to the early 90’s when Kyle began the process of land management. 

Similar to Adam and Matt, Kyle focuses on what’s best for the landscape knowing it will improve his hunting also. Unlike the Ozark Mountains of southern Missouri, this part of Kansas is mixed grassland and woodlands. From CRP, prescribed fire, to managing woodlands with timber stand improvement and bedding thickets, Kyle has worked to improve the land and his work is proving successful. Over the years the game populations have risen and fallen but through habitat management, Kyle has been able to increase his carrying capacity and experience more successful hunts. 

Kyle isn’t just a quail biologist, he’s a habitat consultant who’s ready to help you with your property! #ForLoveoftheLand

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