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Late Season Timber Hunt Buck with 8 Inch Bases

Yes, you guessed it, late-season deer hunting success with Seth Harker. No this was not over cut corn, a field full of soybeans, or a lush clover field. This hunt started two weeks ago when a familiar buck showed back up to the farm. A large winter flock of turkeys, lead Seth away from the destination food plot and back into the red oaks. 

Years ago a TSI project was completed in this area that released the black oaks and red oaks in this particular portion of the farm. With a strong crop of red oak acorns this yield, this area was going to be feeding a lot of game species. The flock of turkeys confirmed this and Seth moved in and had one of the most memorable hunts he has had to date just a few days ago during the first week of December.  

This bully of a buck was sporting 8-inch bases, as it offered Seth a shot after pushing every buck out of the area. This hunt would have been missed by most hunters as early December hunting times falls to the wayside. Yet, December for the prepared and conscious hunter can mean success each and every year. We hope you enjoy this podcast and take the tips to heart. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand 

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