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Let the Food Plot Planting Begin

It’s that time again when the food plot planting questions start all over. Food plot planting is just around the corner and we are ready for it, are you? 

This week, we discuss the common food plot questions we receive as well as the most popular misunderstandings when it comes to planting food plot varieties. It seems as if people only want to plant a monoculture of soybeans for food during the summer and winter, however often times, that cannot occur due to over browsing, but year after year they repeat this same technique. In addition, we often see people from different regions trying to adopt techniques from regions to the north and make it apply to southern zones. This thought process is flawed and we discuss why and what the remedy is to this problem. If you live in the south, don’t try to make it the north by the way you plant your food plots.

Be sure to take time to understand the forages you are planting. Make sure they make sense for your area, climate, and region! Checkout the different food plot blends on the store offered by Stratton Seed. Enjoy.Learn.Share!  

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