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Lindsey’s 2021 Buck: Hunting Her Favorite Spot on the Family Farm (672)

See how quality habitat can result in tagging good bucks frequently! There's a food plot that deer like to enter through a fence gap on one end of the plot. This fence gap acts as a pinch point and is a great place to monitor deer activity with a trail camera. Heath and Lindsey Martin saw that one of the bucks traveling through the fence gap at the south plot this fall was nice 8 point buck. This was a good hunting location to kick off Arkansas’ muzzle loader season! It took some patience – but Lindsey won that game and put a tag on a great Arkansas buck! See the hunt and the hunting strategy that made this a great deer hunt! In this deer hunt, see how understanding how resources and hunting work together can help you make better habitat and hunting decisions. #deerhunting #TeamOutdoors see more of Lindsey and Heath's hunts here:


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