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Live Q&A Podcast with Ohio DNR

On this week’s podcast, we sit down with a group of eager whitetail hunters in the state of Ohio. These whitetail hunters devoted a day to come and invest in an educational event hosted by the local QDMA Branch. We had the privilege of speaking at the event along with several other great presenters discussing all things food plots, habitat, forestry, aging deer on the hoof, and state of Ohio deer population.

To wrap up the event, we did a live recording of a Q & A session with everyone in attendance. To spice things up, we asked Mike Tonkovich and Clint McCoy of Ohio Deer Management Program to join us on the panel to field these questions. These two employees of the state help determine harvest rates and recommendations for the state of Ohio.

In addition, we discuss the importance of wise habitat management on the landscape. There are growing trends that alarm us and sidetrack landowners from accomplishing success and land improvements. We hope you listen and react with enthusiasm and join us in managing the land in harmony with itself. #Enjoy.Learn.Share #ForLoveoftheLand


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