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Maximizing your Land’s Potential for Better Hunting

If you have questions about land management and the creation of wildlife habitat, there are answers! In this video, Grant shares a masterclass on the key elements to evaluate when planning improvements for a hunting property. We hope the tips and tools shown here help our viewers to plan and conduct the projects needed to see more and produce larger deer on their property.
Topics covered: Evaluating neighboring properties and surrounding resources 0:10
Wildlife home range size 0:46
Study surrounding habitat to plan hunts and improvements 1:40
Food resources 2:00
White-Tailed deer feeding patterns and needs 2:08
Establishing and designing food plots 3:38
Mapping tools for habitat decision making 5:28
Easy tool for ground checking your plan 5:41
Water sources: 6:14
Cover 6:41
Advantages of providing quality habitat for hunting 7:40


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