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Missing a Hitlist Buck with a Bow

Not every encounter with a giant whitetail ends well. Misses are not fun, but they are real and happen to every bowhunter. Without fail at some point you will either miss a buck or loss one to a marginal hit. These tend to be the lower points of archery hunting. On this podcast, we discuss a recent hunt on the Prairie Hollow Property that resulted with an amazing encounter with the largest whitetail currently on the property. The hunt did not end with a truck bed full of antler, but a clean miss and more intel for future hunts.

During the podcast, we set the stage for the preparations ahead of time to the habitat, the access, the stand location, hunting conditions, and overall hunting strategy. This powerful cold front that hit the Midwest early in October was highly influential in the success and deer movement we experienced during the hunt. We want this podcast to be like any other, an educational experience that will help others succeed in the outdoors.

There are a ton of great days left in the hunting season to take to the woods. This early encounter with this giant buck was a gift. We are gonna keep at it and see what late October has in store for us. Keep you all posted! #ForLoveoftheLand

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