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Must Kill Management – Finding True Land Management

Have you ever heard a deer hunter speak about needing to kill more coyotes and a few months later complain about having too many deer? Or better yet a self proclaimed conservationists complain about native weeds taking over his non-native food plot? One that hurts the most is the process of taking a highly diverse, highly beneficial grassland or old field and plant it in a monoculture food plot. SO many problems here that can be solved with a little deep thinking. 

Must Kill Management is a huge problem arising in deer management across the country. A hunter loses focus on drastic complexity of the land and focuses solely on deer. When a single species becomes the focus many other will suffer, and some animals have suffered long enough. 

We discuss some of the worst practices we find with “Must Kill Management” with this podcast. Remember, just because it’s management doesn’t make it good! This podcast is meant to open our minds and create positive thinking to look at the land in a new light that lowers stress and creates a more enjoyable time spent afield. #ForLoveoftheLand

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