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Native Glade Restoration Deer Bedding Area

Who knew that land management could be so much fun? Over the years we’ve been working to improve the Prairie Hollow farm and blend native landscape restoration with hunting strategies. During that time we’ve found some great ways to improve the land for all native species as well as improve our hunting! One of our favorite techniques if the landscape offers is glade restoration. 

Glades are a native ecosystem to the Ozark Mountains but can be found throughout other parts of the country.  These shallow soils are dry sites that are home to many unique and diverse species of plants and animals. Since several of our native grasses have long roots able to reach deep in the soil they can survive on our native glades creating grassland sites. These glades help create fantastic fall and winter bedding since they typically face into the west and south sunshine.

We’re using our glade restoration to not only improve the diversity on our farm but to improve our hunting! These glades will be some of the best bedding areas during the cold months of hunting season allowing us know of defined bedding areas! During this podcast Adam and his brother Chad discuss some of the interesting plants returning to the area after Eastern Red Cedars have been removed and how it will help their hunting. #ForLoveoftheLand


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