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Old Mountain Buck Tagged, October 2021, Hunting a Gap in an Old Farm Fence (661)

Rylan White tags a mature mountain buck in this hunt! See how scouting and strategically creating a food plot near a bottleneck created by a fence gap were key to getting this buck in range. Bottlenecks are locations are created by terrain features, low spots in fences, easy places for deer to cross creeks, etc., that somewhat encourage or restrict where deer travel. Scouting or even designing the habitat to create bottlenecks often allows hunters to see many critters and enjoy fresh tasting venison. Chase only had three photos of this buck during September. Not getting images of a specific buck daily is common in big timber country. A large acorn crop allows deer to feed just about wherever they want. Knowing this, Rylan and Chase keyed in on finding and hunting bottlenecks based on the resources in the area. Rylan was shooting a Winchester .243 loaded with Winchester’s Deer Season XP and made a great shot. Even on a very large bodied deer, once they removed the hide the results of that ammo is obvious.


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