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Private Land Tree Saddles Not Just for Public Land

If you’ve listened long enough you know we love to experiment! We try all sorts of creative things when it comes to habitat and food plots. Hunting strategy is no different and for this year we are getting to tree saddles. There has been a buzz around hunting from saddles for the past few seasons. After looking into the system we connected with good friend Greg Godfrey of Tethrd and got our hands on these awesome pieces of equipment. 

It doesn’t take long to figure out this system has extreme benefits to the open-minded hunter. This is not just a public land hunting setup. Each and everyone can recount times during past seasons when food sources change rapidly and you always seem to be one step behind the deer movement. This seems to happen often when acorns drop, or cattle get moved across a farm, or even in crop country when fields are harvested. It can be tough to be consistently setup for each and every pattern shift. However, with a mobile setup like the Tethrd Mantis and Predator platform you can be as mobile as necessary. 

During this podcast, you will hear how this system does not replace the need for treestands and permanent blinds on a piece of private property, but certainly has its place in our hunting strategy arsenal.  Without a doubt, we are excited to get these Tethrd tree saddles in the field this deer season. We will keep you posted with our tree saddle experiences this season. EnjoyLearnShare! #ForLoveoftheLand 

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