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Raining Today? It’s a Perfect Day to Plant A Food Plot! So Easy!

Broadcasting Food plots: rain is on the way and we're planting our hidey hole food plots! This is one of the easiest ways to plant food plots We often use the broadcasting technique to plant. This technique works best if the seed makes seed to soil contact and has ample soil moisture to germinate and grow. If the seed is spread while it’s raining, the droplets will literally splash a fine layer of dirt over the seeds. There’s obviously ample soil moisture for the seeds to germinate. Spreading seed while it’s raining almost always results in a high germination rate! There are some exceptions. Extremely hard rains may result in the seed being washed away if there’s runoff occurring. If the seed is planted in an area where weeds or other “duff” prevent the seed from contacting the soil it’s unlikely the young seedling will survive. This is because germinated seeds are like new babies. Once a baby or a seed’s roots come out both are hungry. Seeds feed primarily by getting their itty bitty roots in the ground and absorbing nutrients. Rain can make this process much easier for young seedlings!


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