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Secrets About How to Pattern and Hunt Mature Whitetail Bucks Patterning deer is easy in the early part of the season if you’ve been using trail cameras because you often can tell specific times they’re coming to a survey site. Those camera photos and videos are super for helping you learn about the deer in your area and different bucks you may want to hunt. But the challenge to patterning mature bucks for better hunting is knowing more about them, their area and their habits later in the season before the peak rut. Once you begin putting together those pieces to the whitetail puzzle then you’ll have a better chance of a successful hunt with mature deer. It also can give you some “Ah ha!” moments that make you understand why things have happened in the past and how you can capitalize in the future. Dan Schmidt with Deer & Deer Hunting explains his best tips and some secrets to unlocking this whitetail puzzle in this episode of Deer Talk Now.
Season 2, Episode 26.

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