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Setups and Tips for Rattling Bucks – Deer Hunting 2020 (#584)

During the rut and pre-rut rattling is a technique that many deer hunters use to replicate the sound of two bucks fighting. That sound is a big attraction to other deer in the area. Find out what makes rattling so effective and the best type of hunting setups for this approach. Lot of tips for rattling bucks, how to hunt the right stand based to work with wind direction/thermals and scent, using a snort/wheeze call, using bottlenecks/pinch points to the advantage of the hunter, when to use rattling to attract bucks. The setups or stand location can be just as important as the calling or rattling technique a hunter uses. Watch this video to see why. #DeerHunting #TeamOutdoors 0:00 – Intro
0:28 – The Biology
0:49 – In Use, The HUNT
5:26 – Hunt Breakdown
6:49 – Blind Calling
7:45 – Buck Behavior
9:29 – Summary


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