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She Tags a NICE 6 Year Old Buck: Deer Season 2021 (664)

Watch this hunt where Raleigh tags a 6 year old buck! It is a great example of buck behavior within a home range and how to effectively hunt during the rut. We've watched this buck on trail camera and seen him out on other hunts since the fall of 2018. He got a "pass" as the buck had great "potential." He disappeared and didn't show up on trail cameras for a year then showed up again in 2020 – and this buck had definitely expressed his potential! Older deer like this buck tend to use smaller portions of their home range as they mature. They learn the more effecting ways to travel between food, cover and water. They likely know where coyote dens are, maybe even where folks hunt and learn to avoid danger. Raleigh was hunting a food plot, an attractive food source, surrounded by cover and she could see a long ways. This plot could act both food source and a viewing area catching deer crossing from one side to the other. These types of crossings can be great hunting locations during the rut as bucks are between does or chase a doe across.


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