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Shooting Does: What’s Your Excuse? (654)

Doe harvest has dropped off significantly over much of the whitetails range. See how this has impacted herd and habitat quality and the reasons deer hunters should harvest does. Doe harvest can be a tool that is necessary to improve herd and habitat quality and to provide a great source of meat for the family. Some hunters are still hesitant to shoot does. Hunters frequently ask “When is the best time to harvest does?” This is not to be confused with the question “Should I harvest does?” Whether to harvest does or not should be based on the goals of the land owner and the balance of deer numbers and the habitat’s ability to produce/provide quality forage throughout the year. The more of deer’s genetic potential the land owners desire to be expressed the more important it is for each deer to have access to all the quality forage they will consume year round. Most of the problems folks perceive to be attributed to genetics with deer can be solved by providing better quality nutrition. Once the doe harvest goals have been established, the best time to begin harvesting does is the first opportunity presented during legal hunting season!! 0:00 start
0:02 Signs too many deer
1:36 Stress periods
2:00 Evaluate now
2:44 How many does to shoot?
3:31 Neighbors
4:09 Increased parasites
5:18 Can I shoot too many does?
7:11 Nursing fawns? 8:46 When to start?
9:27 Wait, shoot a buck first?
12:26 Doe bred already?
14:20 Other benefits to doe harvest #deerhunting #TeamOutdoors #huntereducation


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