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Shrubs, Rutting Whitetails, and Adequate Cover

This week is devoted to all things cover. Cover for wildlife can come in many different shapes and sizes. This is why we promote various cover types and within those cover types according to the region you should have a whole suite of beneficial species. Tune into this podcast to hear what cover looks like in each region of the country for whitetails. Every region has different factors that determine what type or composition of cover should be present. The various forms are dictated by the climate, rainfall, and length of the growing season. 

Why does this matter? At this point in the season in much of the country, whitetails are seeking out the cover to find does. As land managers and landowners we need to be able to promote the right cover on each property. Each element of cover we discuss should be present to play a key role in the development of the deer herd and attractiveness of the property. 

To best understand what type of security cover, escape cover, bedding cover, and fawning cover should be present write down the different types of cover composition for each region. Try to replicate this on your land. If treated like a sanctuary, this cover will produce deer almost every rut!

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