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Small Parcel Food Plots – 100% Wild Podcast EP213

You asked, we listened. This show is all about managing small parcels with limited equipment and resources. And who better to speak on the subject than our buddy and DOD team member Sean Lundy! You’ve gotta tune in just to hear about his custom leaf blower/seed spreader hack! Want to leave us a Question of the Day? Head on over to our website by hitting the link below, and enter to win a free DeerCast hat! Watch every episode of the podcast on DeerCast and subscribe to the audio version of the show on the platform of your choice: Apple Android Stitcher Spotify For exciting updates on what's happening on the field and off, follow us on social Facebook: Instagram: @DruryOutdoors Twitter @DruryOutdoors Be sure to check out for more information, hunts, and more! Music provided by Epidemic Sound #dodtv #100%wildpodcast #podcast #huntingpodcast #foodplots #landowner #managingfarm #planting #farming

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